GALERIE DE L’ESBAM : 41 rue Montgrand / Marseille 6ème. 6th october to 25th november 2006 / 14h-18h / Free

- « Fond abyssal » Yves Chaudouët [Fr] 2006 /

Yves Chaudouët creates a dream walk with an environment of more than one hundred luminescent creatures (fishes, stars, invertebrates) increasingly more fragile and worrying where we are invited to circulate. A work which follows upon various exhibitions of a single bioluminescent fish at the Landesgalerie Oberösterreich in Linz (A) ; of Kunstmuseum in Chemnitz (D) ; and of the Bookshop Florence Loewy in Paris. In parallel, a sound round is shown in the Gallery (1st floor). Short texts describing landscapes or lived moments were collected by students that Yves then translated into painted monotype. These creations, read by an actor, are broadcasted as sound works.

CABARET DE LA FRICHE BELLE DE MAI: 41 rue Jobin / Marseille 3ème. exhibition "Play" 6th to 11 october 2006.

- « Zéro centimètre » Aurélie Gasche [Fr] 2004 /

With: Ali Momeni / Michel Davidov / Atelier de Recherche Interactives, ENSAD, Paris.

The installation focuses on the relations between bodies and the space they’re in. Equipped with headphones, the two participants can hear a voice, each one’s motions producing sound variations for both. Too close, sentences overlap; too far, the dialogue is distorted…

- « Salle d’arcade » Eniarof (Ato et Jankenpopp) [Fr] 2006 /

The « ENIAROF Arcade room » is an installation of « hacked » video game systems. Modifications of the video game system will engage the spectator in a shifted second reading, even readjust-ed, of famous video games. What happens when Mario is under psychotropic ? Or when Sonic is victim of a drop in blood pres-sure ?…

- « XBlocks » de Tristam Sparcks [Nz] &Victor Szilagyi [Us] 2005 / /

xBlocks is a convergence between video games & sculpture — liberating play from the screen. It is a mixed reality installation inspired by traditional platform games of the late 1980s such as Super Mario Brothers or Pitfall. Using standard game controllers, two opposing players must help their characters navigate in and around a three dimensional maze. The real challenge comes, not from traditional game mechanics but rather from moving with your character as he sprints around corners and jumps between the installation’s two play surfaces.

- « Le voyage immobile » Digital Deluxe [Fr] 2006 / /

Digital Deluxe / CECDC / Mission Cézanne 2006 / Terre Active

The attractive and innovating form of this interactive installation, presented inside this unit, allows a sensory approach of the the work of artist Paul Cézanne. The idea is a journey between contemporary landscapes of Provence and the paintings of Cézanne. The audience will explore these two worlds freely.

- « Mendel 2 » éOle [Fr] Espace interactif sonore et visuel (2005) /

In the era of video games and Internet, Mendel suggests an alternative, the possibility of being in front of a sound and visual mirror whose balance depends only on us.

- Digital Corner / Curator Abdo Nawar [Lb]

Libanese selection of short video.

- « I shot Andy Warhol » Cory Arcangel [Us] / 2002.

Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Pirated version of the Hogan’ S Halley game. Here, one wins points while shooting at Warhol who appears next to Colonel Sanders du Pape and Flavor Flav. Born in 1978 in Buffalo, Cory Arcangel lives and works in New York. He studied music at the Oberlin Conservatory.

PARC JOURDAN: avenue du Parc, Aix-en-Provence. Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

- « Si Poteris Narrare, Licet » Jean Michel Bruyère

Monumental work produced by the ZKM (digital Center of Art in Germany), i-cinema is a revolutionary technology developed by the artist Jeffrey Shaw, who aims at setting up an interactive cinema, unique in its creative characteristics and its possibilities. Jean Michel Bruyère is the first to take up the challenge through this tool by making the film « If poteris Narrare Licet », projected in 360° on an inflatable dome. A Spectator selects glances of a part of the visible film. Thus the whole film appears of chosen pieces, and is held in a subjective way.

CHAPELLE DES PÉNITENTS BLANCS: rue Maréchal Joffre, Aix-en-Provence. Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

- « 7 Fuites du Paysage » Jean Michel Bruyère [Fr] / Creation Cézanne 2006 /

This installation does not belong to any well defined category of Art discipline. For more than fifteen years, the myth of the Actéon perdition has been the only « world explanation » that Jean Michel Bruyère acknowledges. Surprised in her bath on the heights of Gargaphie by Actéon, Diane, according to Ovide, said to the young hunter: « go and tell people that you saw me without my veil. If you can say it, I authorize it - Si Poteris Narrare, Licet ». Cynical words for a cynical end, because at the same moment, she transforms Actéon into a stag and abandons him, in this form, to the reaction of his pack - fifty hunting dogs, fiercely and unrelentingly, devouring him and dispersing his remains…

CHAPELLE DU SACRÉ COEUR: 20 rue Lacépède, Aix-en-Provence.

- « Venir de » de Julien Oppenheim [Fr] / Creation Cézanne 2006 /

Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

Julien explores Cézanne’s loving fascination for the mountain, Sainte-Victoire. « To explore what binds us to a place, at a place, the founding place. Give to see the physical relationship to a place, the relationship to the ground, to the stone, to the trees. Feeling our breath changing by coming into contact with the place, feeling our own body going inside the place, touching it. To be inside, inside the place, to collect its power. The power of the place that I come from ». Photographic work mixing sound and image over several seasons, to get the multiplicity of the place and to explore in frag ments all the elements that make the solid mass « J’ai envie de Sainte- Victoire » diptych. Two films are presented on two screens, side-by-side. One from the approach of the solid mass, the camera stuck to the subject in an urgent desire, the other from a distance, until the mountain completely disappears.

3BISF LIEU D’ARTS CONTEMPORAINS: 109 av. du petit Barthélémy, Aix-en-Provence. Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

- « Colour Planes » Scanner [Uk] Creation Cézanne 2006 /

Th is project explores an idea of landscape and the resonance and meaning of your surroundings. Using the Provence countryside as its inspirational focal point, the images and sound have been dist illed into an imaginary narrative, woven into a work that breaks down the visual fi eld into planes of colour and texture. Th is contemplative work charts a contemporary reading of Cezanne and his visionary eye.

ESPACE SEXTIUS: rue du 11 novembre, Aix-en-Provence. Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

- " dots. that’s what we need ! " gilles conan [fr] / installation (2004).

this installation invites the spectator to step deep into a dark space where he will gradually perceive a light source. the light emanates from an electronic chromatic device that creates a shifting composition using braille both as a graphic base and as a symbolic mise-en-abîme of the digital. this resort to light seeks a pure, ephemeral, and immaterial transmission and serves as a sharp metaphor for a furtive thought, one that is enlightened and elusive. made up of elementary signs, primary physics, and a language of signs, this work is based upon the language that exits prior to speech, one that can be suggested by a look closely touching upon thought. handling language that way leads to different levels of interpretation, reserving also accesses to the poor-sighted and the non-sighted. the creative process invites the spectator into an active and perceptive reverie and plunges him into mental and reflexive concentration through the effects of what can be defined as a ’music of light ’.

- « Beyond 6821 » Artificiel [Ca] / 2004 /

« Beyond 6821 » uses the bulb as a source of sound. Both an installation and an instrument, the bulbs as a whole are articulated in such way that they draw acoustic echoes as well as light. This installation’s particularity lies in the use of audio signals to light bulbs. Instead of regular electric power, « sounds » (in their analogical electric form) are distributed in the bulbs, which become loudspeakers with a fragile sonority.

- « À la recherche du temps perdu » Mohamed H. Youssef and Sharif El Sayed [Eg] 2006 /

Like an emerging light, neglected details, in the obscure part of our memory... Between reality and virtuality, we are present and perhaps not. Our project consists of creating this artificial environment of facts and discovering reaction to these facts. In this space where darkness reigns upon every object, spectators walk gently towards a table set in the middle of the room. A candlestick creating a soft light allows us to see the dishes, glasses, the cups, the water bottle... All these objects are connected to sensors, which translate the gestures of the raising objects.

- « WhiteLightinMultiplication » Afterfour [It] / 2005 /

WhiteLightinMultiplication » is made up of interactive sound and light sculptures. « White- LightinMultiplication » presents a musical group called « Afterfour (FF) », which gives up the fact of performing in public (live concert). Only the plastic and visual element remains to become a live sculpture which starts playing when visitors come near it. This installation is exposed within the framework of the return of the international artists of the « Biennial des jeunes Createurs » of the Mediterranean area and Europe, (Naples 2005).

ÉCOLE SUPÉRIEURE D’ART: rue Émile Tavan, Aix-en-Provence. Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

- « Perpetual (Tropical) Sunshine » Fabric [Sw] / 2005 /

With « Perpetual (Tropical) Sunshine », the School of Art of Aix-en-Provence, switches hemispheres and offers heat and large sun. On a screen made up of 300 infra-red bulbs, the sun’s position is reproduced in real time thanks to the information transmitted by a weather station network located on the tropic of Capricorn. Spectators can thus permanently follow the sun race: an abstract form of a day and of an endless summer, around the world, through longitudes and time zones.

- « Forêt » de Julien Hô Kim et Guillaume Stagnaro [Fr] 2006 / /

Composed of ten sound and luminous trees, the piece is presented to explore and test - a sound, simulated and autonomous space - put in relation to physical space and the visitor presence. The trees are stems of metal set on the ground, maintained in a fragile vertical balance - without contact - by the magnetization of suspended loudspeakers. By a hand gesture, the visitor interacts with the work...

GALERIE 200RD10: route départementale 10, Vauvenargues. Exhibition 7th to 14th october 2006. 14h -> 19h / free.

- « Une défaite » Jean Michel Bruyère [Fr] / Creation Cézanne 2006 /

The pages of the philosophical text « Acedia » (Jean Michel Bruyère, Edition Sens et Tonka, 2005) are written with Indian ink on the gallery walls 200 RD 10. Wander and clandestinity praise the text in its plastic form, forces the reader to commit his body in a circular walk movement and to re-start several times through the three superimposed pieces of the gallery and to physically track the direction. Some rare carved elements; video and photographic complete the landscape that the text describes and is, as such, made.

Arborescence - .