- « Beyond 6821 » Artificiel [Ca] / 2004 /

« Beyond 6821 » uses the bulb as a source of sound. Both an installation and an instrument, the bulbs as a whole are articulated in such way that they draw acoustic echoes as well as light. This installation’s particularity lies in the use of audio signals to light bulbs. Instead of regular electric power, « sounds » (in their analogical electric form) are distributed in the bulbs, which become loudspeakers with a fragile sonority.

- « Cubing », with this performance Artificiel explores a possible universe of correspondences between color and sound. Handling simple Rubik’s® cubes in front of small cameras activates a chain of analysis, synthesis and digital processing. Each Rubik’s® cube becomes an instrument easy to handle intuitively, however precisely.

Arborescence - .