- « Venir de » Julien Oppenheim [Fr] Creation Cézanne 2006 /

Julien explores Cézanne’s loving fascination for the mountain, Sainte-Victoire. « To explore what binds us to a place, at a place, the founding place. Give to see the physical relationship to a place, the relationship to the ground, to the stone, to the trees. Feeling our breath changing by coming into contact with the place, feeling our own body going inside the place, touching it. To be inside, inside the place, to collect its power. The power of the place that I come from ». Photographic work mixing sound and image over several seasons, to get the multiplicity of the place and to explore in frag ments all the elements that make the solid mass « J’ai envie de Sainte- Victoire » diptych. Two films are presented on two screens, side-by-side. One from the approach of the solid mass, the camera stuck to the subject in an urgent desire, the other from a distance, until the mountain completely disappears.

Arborescence - .