BRUYÈRE Jean Michel

- Movie « Si Poteris Narrare, Licet » of Jean Michel Bruyère [Fr] for the "Icinema" of Jeffrey Shaw [Au] /

Monumental work produced by the ZKM (digital Center of Art in Germany), i-cinema is a revolutionary technology developed by the artist Jeffrey Shaw, who aims at setting up an interactive cinema, unique in its creative characteristics and its possibilities. Jean Michel Bruyère is the first to take up the challenge through this tool by making the film « If poteris Narrare Licet », projected in 360° on an inflatable dome. A Spectator selects glances of a part of the visible film. Thus the whole film appears of chosen pieces, and is held in a subjective way.

- « 7 Fuites du Paysage » de Jean Michel Bruyère [Fr] Création Cézanne 2006 / Installation /

This installation does not belong to any well defined category of Art discipline. For more than fifteen years, the myth of the Actéon perdition has been the only « world explanation » that Jean Michel Bruyère acknowledges. Surprised in her bath on the heights of Gargaphie by Actéon, Diane, according to Ovide, said to the young hunter: « go and tell people that you saw me without my veil. If you can say it, I authorize it - Si Poteris Narrare, Licet ». Cynical words for a cynical end, because at the same moment, she transforms Actéon into a stag and abandons him, in this form, to the reaction of his pack - fifty hunting dogs, fiercely and unrelentingly, devouring him and dispersing his remains…

- « Une défaite » de Jean Michel Bruyère [Fr] Création Cézanne 2006 / Installation /

The pages of the philosophical text « Acedia » (Jean Michel Bruyère, Edition Sens et Tonka, 2005) are written with Indian ink on the gallery walls 200 RD 10. Wander and clandestinity praise the text in its plastic form, forces the reader to commit his body in a circular walk movement and to re-start several times through the three superimposed pieces of the gallery and to physically track the direction. Some rare carved elements; video and photographic complete the landscape that the text describes and is, as such, made.

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