1/The global déforestation, its consequences, and the means implemented to dike it : < img241 > < doc97|right >

Conference with Arborescence 04 to the College of art of Aix-en-Provence Photo Bastien Poulin. In partnership with the Association Pour the House of the Nature and the Environment. Speakers such as Jérémie Dervin (, Pierre Granis ([Greenpeace > http: // eg php3]) and the testimony of [Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta ( Colombia) - > http: //].

" The global déforestation: where are we? " The last old forests of the planet represent no more than 6 % of the appeared lands and nevertheless they shelter about 80 % of the ground biovariety of which a very big number of plants already used for the manufacture of medicines and an even more important number remaining to discover. Nevertheless, we destroy this biologic wealth at the rate of 15 million hectares a year, that is the surface of a ground of football every 2 seconds, instead of managing it durably to protect the resource and pass on it in the future generations.

2/Philosophy and electronic musics On October 1st and 2nd, within the framework of ARBORESCENCE, the Meetings Square present to Art d’ Aix-en-Provence’s college " Philosophy and electronic music ".

These meetings placed under the scientific direction(management) of Bastien GALLET will gather(reunite) philosophers, theorists of the music and musicians (Elie DURING, Peter SZENDY, Ulf POSCHARDT (sr), to SCAN (Robin Rimbaud), Tarek ATOUI and Uriel BARTHELEMI, Peter SINCLAIR) It will be a question two days lasting to interrogate musical practices which are too different to be understood(included) under a single name and which touch the electronic musics, the free improvisation, the bruitisme, the post-rock, until a certain contemporary music.

3/Workshop(Studio): numeric(digital) Territories Around a breakfast on Saturday, October 2nd from 10:30 am till 12:30 am - Entered free In the continuance of the meetings introduced by the collective Biomix and The CECDC (European Centre of Creation and Cultural Development) and on the occasion of 1 era edition of the festival Electronic Territories which took place to the foundation Vasarely in May, 2004. A new meeting on the Numeric(Digital) Territories is proposed in the form of workshop(studio) gathering(reuniting), researcher, artists, students, and cultural operator, to exchange and think about the manners creative of the internet and the multimedia today.

4/The man and the machine: artificial life, interactivity, robotics with the ECM of the Fallow land, Marseille Round Table Agora des Sciences Within the framework of the festival Arboresence, Meetings Arts and New Media, and of the Holiday of the Science, the associations Active Earth and the ECM of the Fallow land Belle de Mai invite you on October 15th at 6:30 pm to the Agora des Sciences for a meeting " artificial, robotics, computer intelligence: that is them of the reports(connections) between the Man and the Machine? " A meeting with Catherine Nyeki, multimedia artist presenting the work MuHerbier to the Agora des Sciences until October 22nd, 2004. [France Cadet], artist and speaker in robotics to the College of art of Aix-en-provence, Alain D’ Iribane, sociologist, director of the BALLAST to Aix in Provence. A meeting animated(stimulated) by Emmaneul Vergès

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