- Alban Barré

" In Progress with Mathieu Brian " of Alban Barré Montage, sound : Danielle Anezin, Illustration: Jean-Jacques Palix. A preparatory investigation of the wings of an installation deserving of a decoration of science fiction to the Contemporary Museum of Lyon in March 2004.52mn © association 13

- Tracks/Arte

" Live Shots " Prod: ARTE-Tracks - Lasted Program33 52mn For 6 years Tracks, broadcast(emission,issue) spread(diffused) on ARTE every on Thursday evening at 11 pm, is the land-clearer of sounds and musical tendencies of the French broadcasting landscape... As if that was not enough, Tracks added a coat(layer) by realizing a number collector dedicated to the best lives performances turned these last 8 years.. "Live Shots", documentary of 52 minutes, realized by l, equips with Tracks is exclusively diffused within the framework of, Arborescence 04. This film n, had for l, shown moment when within the framework of l, exhibition " Live " to the Palace of Tokyo in June, 2004. He, acts d, an impressive panorama of what is made of better in live musical these last years.

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