MEETING / DISCUSSES on the subject Art, Nature and Technology.

invited Fred Forest of honor of the meeting and debate with the artists of Arborescence 03 to Speak about the Nature in technological language, does he allow to question the artist and the public about their "natural feeling" nowadays? New technologies indeed mean, new artistic possibilities. The visual arts grow rich of the meeting with these new supports of creation - data networks, screens video, multimedia installations - which configure spaces of metaphors and still virgin concepts, where marks remain to create. The new technologies transform strikingly our report(relationship) in the Nature. They allow not only an exploitation always more effective, and often questionable, of its resources.

Pioneer of the video art, Fred Forest is the first artist to create in France, in the 1968s, " interactive environments ". Co-founder of the Collective of Sociological Art in 1974, he supports in 1984 a doctoral thesis of State on the Aesthetics of the communication. He was named a holder of the pulpit of the " Sciences of the piece of information and the communication " of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis where he steers a seminary(seminar) of international fame. Finally, he is the founder of Web Net Museum, a museum-action which presents on-line exhibitions and works as a research center webnetmuseum.

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