The community competition Crea.04 aims at combining the numerous followers of the technologies of Internet creation for 2 days. The participants will have to exercise their talent from a compulsory subject. The participants can be any levels, any countries. The competition will be organized by the team of Mediabox, 5 preset persons will make demonstrations and will contribute(compete) thanks to the software Macromedia flash. These demonstrations will be broadcast on huge screen to make the public participate. The event will be live filmed and broadcast on the sites of Mediabox thanks to Webcams and Microphones posted on the site. The originality of the competition will live in the fact that the members of the forums Mediabox can participate from their home in this event.


2ND edition in partnership with Cart’ com and Axe Sud Art School. Arborescence wished to put in light for the last year, an artistic discipline rapidly expanding: that of the graphic arts. Several graphic designers will be selected this year, and will work during two complete evenings on the elaboration of a person with a strong visual sense on the subject: art, Nature and Technology. Their work can be followed throughout the evening by the public. A jury, consisted of artists, professionals of graphic arts, multimedia and the communication, will select one of the projects. The winner will receive a price(prize) offered by CART’ COM: the edition(publishing) and the distribution(casting) of the person with a strong visual sense on more than 10.000 postcards.

Winners in the competition [ 03 ]: Guillaume Kaercher ( ) with Claire Breton ( ) and Elodie Olivier and Sophie Carbuccia (,

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