Photo: meet arts and new media of Alphabetville, in collaborations Terre Active and the ZINC / ECM. On Wednesday, October 5th to the Cabaret Aléatoire of the Friche, Marseille during Arborescence 05.

 SEPTEMBER 30TH: " Nature and new technologies " to listen to on-line on: Radio Grenouille (in french only)

Meeting / radio in public and live on 88.8 fm ¦ A proposition in association with Radio Grenouille (Marseille) ¦ From 8:30 pm till 9:30 pm ¦ If it is true that our company(society) is in a bend of its history, if it is also true that the changes engendered by this bend require to find, dices today, answers to shape the environment of tomorrow...It appears to be of the duty of each to give responsibilities in the choice of these answers to be brought. The technological tools are only the reflection of the thought and the action of the man on our society. To think of them in term of clean and renewable energies, in the idea of the division of wealth and peace in the world, it is to make sure of a future doubtless less black than the one who seems to be outlined.

Driving force and moderating influence: Frédérique Jacquemin

With: Jean-Louis Millet: farmer bio, preside of the APTE (Association for the promotion of the ecological techniques). Jean-Paul Biberian: research director to CNRS the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, the physicist of solids and Boss of conference to the Faculty of Science of Luminy.

Jean-Pierre Petit, that we do not present any more former research director to the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, the astrophysicist and the specialist of the physical appearances of plasmas. Patrick Raspino, senior technician in the biomedical domain and which will present its stirling mini-engine. David of the association of APTE is at the origin of the system SPAD, derived of the reactor Pentone. And Eric Buchet du GERES and of the Space Windmill Development in Ciotat.

 OCTOBER 3RD: "Digital arts". Meeting / radio in public and live on 88.8 fm ¦ A proposition in collaborations with RadioGrenouille, SFT and the ZINC / ECM. From 7:30 pm ¦ Cabaret Aléatoire of the Friche, Marseille.

For some years the digital said arts appeared and formed themselves with associations "relay", with public partners and with festivals. Crossed the thorough questions bound to these tools and to the place which they hold in our society, concrete questions of monstration, of relationship to the public, or of problem of production and distribution, remain to deal. We propose a reflection on the place of the digital arts and the multimedia in the processes of the current creation, that it is close to the contemporary art or to the alive entertainment.

Presenter and moderator: Pascal Messaoudi

 OCTOBER 5TH: " the body and the machine". Meets arts and new media ¦ A proposition of Alphabetville, in collaborations with ZINC / ECM. From 6:30 pm ¦ Cabaret Aléatoire of the Friche, Marseille.

From the anthropological point of view, the machine is a technical object defined as a construction of the man, as tool, an extension of its physiological capacities. The evolutions of the " technological repercussions of the man ", such as Marshall Mac Luhan names the media, are carrier of deep alterations(transfers), and particularly for the human body. How the artists elaborate the link in the machinery that are the new technologies? How do they stir up a culture? How do they interrogate and do they monopolize these new tools? And how, making it, they investigate the human being?

Moderating influence: Colette Tron

 OCTOBER 7TH: "Co-production and network/distribution and territories" Professional Meeting ¦ A proposition of flat shape of distribution of the digital arts and the Ministry of the Culture / Dicréam. Only on inscription.

The morning: " production, coproduction and distribution of the digital arts, the networking of the actors ". The afternoon: " territory and public politics ". Free entry ¦ Information on all the meetings: 04 95 04 95 12 or 04 42 20 96 01

Photo of Bastien Poulin
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