A conteste of Web creation’s and graph has be organized during two evenings at the school art of Aix-en-Pce (France). Participants have working on sets of themes about the "Imaginary Machines" by Jules Verne. Their work was be visible through the evenings. The results are visible on-line:

1/ Compettition of web creation:

This compettition was organised with

- First : Edouard Artus
- Second : Wenpeng LU
- Suki
- Olivier Philipponneau
- MicaĆ«l Reynaud (non fonctionnel au moment du vote)
- Nicolas Rome
- Laurent Thillet

> Video on

2/ Compettition graph:

In the idea to participate in the support of the young graphic creation, Arborescence 05 joins since 2002 with Cart’ Com-PACA and the School [Axe Sud>] by proposing a competition of graphics opened to all.

First: Marion Marquet - 3 000 Cart’com

Second: Ugo Jauffret - 1 500 Cart’com

Cart’com Price: Yoann Bouchard - 1 500 Cart’com

Arborescence - .