COUCHOT Edmond/BRET Michel


 “Les Pissenlits” (Dandelions) by Edmond Couchot and Michel Bret 2005: system presented at the time of the collective exhibition "Natural/Digital" organized in Paris by the festival Arborescence (Association Terre Active), Numeriscausa and the Biche de Bère Gallery. In this interactive work, 9 umbels of dandelion are gently scattered by a virtual breeze corresponding to the real breath that the spectator directs to the screen; seeds detached themselves, then, fly away and fall down slowly. New umbels grow again ready to undergo the puff of a new interaction. [Arborescence 05, School of art, Aix-en-Provence]

Edmond COUCHOT is a highly skilled professor of University. He directed the Arts formation and Technologies of the image at the Paris 8 University, between 1982 and 2000. his interest as a theorist, in relations of art and technology, specifically arts of the image and the data-processing techniques. He published many articles and several books on this topic; his last one wrote in collaboration with Norbert Hillaire is called: “Art numérique”.

Michel BRET is a highly skilled professor and cofounder of the formation Arts and Technologies of the Image at Paris 8 University. He received scientific formation and he practised during several years painting and collage. Since 1975, it started to develop softwares of synthesized images. The most known is the “Anyflo” software with which the Dandelion could be carried out.

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