Rey Etienne

Rey Etienne

 “Phytospère” 2005 : system presented during the collective exhibition "Natural/Digital" organized in Paris by the Arborescence festival (Association Terre Active), Numeriscausa and the Biche de Bère Gallery. Resulting from a process of interactive writting, “Phytosphère” is an invitation to the voyage, an immersion in an environment of artificial creatures inspired by sub-aquatic plants. Species which inhabit this environment are built upon a physical model corresponding to sea water, a scale oscillating between the micron and the millimetre. These numerical creatures equipped with intelligence, regroup themselves and generate organized sounds, a kind of sonority languages.

 “Mille Mondes” / Skuro by Etienne Rey (creation, realisation) and Lydwine (sound creation) : system presented during the exhibition DIgitaleeMeUTE 3 “Hors les murs” at the Patio/CECDC in Aix-en-Provence from May 27th to June 3rd, 2005. Collective exhibition organized by Arborescence, the CECDC, ECM de la Friche, and in collaboration with Biomix.

“Mille Mondes” transports us in virtual worlds inhabited by clever artificial creatures. These entities have their own sound identity and a gestural and they tend towards socialization. They perceive themselves, attract each other, push back, they have an energy which fluctuates according to their mood and the only purpose of it, is to allow themselves to express their musical qualities together. Each action results from creatures themselves or the action of the public who moves in those worlds. Thus, choreography and musical composition evolve in "live", in a kind of improvisation and the public discovers a world and its organizations.

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