Rousseau Samuel

 “Papiers peints videos” 2000 : system presented during the collective exhibition "Natural/Digital" organized in Paris by the Arborescence festival (Association Terre Active), Numeriscausa and the Biche de Bère Gallery.

“I do not have a defined step, asserts this researcher a bit libertarian. I remain in the surprise, I wait to astonish myself ". A readable constant of his step is its deeply poetic dimension. Throughout some details, Samuel Rousseau emerges a shifted vision of reality. In his last work, he uses video image without sound, like a material to be modelled, that he registers in places as strange as of the wool groundwork to the naive figures of the best-outdated taste. the wallpapers videos projected on walls present a hypnotic capacity, a kind of psychedelic frescos. The animated motives, repetitions of flower or vegetable and kitchen utensils, hustle even the place of the work of art.

Arborescence - .