Chevalier Miguel


 "Artificial Paradises"* during the collective exhibition "Natural/Digital" organized in Paris by the Arborescence festival number 5 (Association Terre Active), Numeriscausa and the Biche de Bère Gallery consist of plants and virtual flowers, which grow each day in real time. These pure images are not motionless any more, but are to some extent generated in and by time. These virtual flowers have their own evolutionary path over one year and change backward flow from the seasons’cycle. Also, these creations find the cosmic sensitivity of Monet, its exploration of light and time and its taste of the series, in “Les Nympheas” in particular.

*(Courtesy Suzanne Tarasiève)

 “Flux et Reflux” by Miguel Chevalier : system presented at Arborescence 04 at the Ecole Supérieure of art of Aix-en-Provence. The installation "Flux & Reflux" is the mixture between a "natural" wave filmed in video and a virtual wave where in the binary universe, the 0 appears at the top of wave and the 1 in the scum. The artistic topics of Miguel Chevalier refer to his observation of nature and artifice, flows and networks, urbanity of cities that organize our contemporary companies.

Miguel Chevalier, acquired thanks to his multi-field formation and during his trips around the world a big experiment in the artistic field. His art is characterized by the exploration since 1982 of today’s technologies. His field of investigation takes its sources in History of Art that he re-interprets the essential data using the data-processing tool. His topics refer to its observation flows and networks, which organize our contemporary companies. He is known throughout the world to be a pioneer in virtual and numerical art. Images that he delivers to us question perpetually our relation to the world.

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